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Mediation Services

I am experienced serving in two distinct mediation roles: the mediator (where I am a neutral facilitator of settlement) or the lawyer-advocate (where I represent only one side trying to persuade the other to settle)

As a Neutral Mediator I assist individuals seeking to resolve all or some of their differences without resorting to litigation or court intervention, i.e., out-of-court settlements. I do not represent one side or the other. My goal is to help parties achieve equitable resolution of problems through negotiation and compromise. The process typically requires a number of meetings to determine the issues, the parties’ positions and discuss settlement options. Between sessions parties have a chance to think and collect any information relevant to the mediation.

If I do mediation for parties who are not represented by counsel, I urge both parties to have an attorney of their choosing review any final agreement.

In mediations for parties who are represented by counsel, the parties and their counsel decide whether or not to have the attorneys attend the mediation.

In cases where emotions are running high, I arrange for the parties to be in separate rooms.

As an Attorney-Advocate in Mediation I represent only one party and seek to further their interests by providing support, explaining consequences of decisions they make and presenting their positions clearly.