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Mediation Services

I am experienced serving in two distinct mediation roles: the mediator (where I am a neutral facilitator of settlement) or the lawyer-advocate (where I represent only one side trying to persuade the other to settle)


Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law and Process is an out-of-court conflict resolution process in which the participants focus their efforts on reaching a mutually acceptable resolution based on a set of principles that significantly changes the dynamics between clients and engages them outside of the courtroom in an open, supportive, lower-conflict process to find shared solutions.


Postnuptial Agreements

Marital Agreements for couples who are currently married and wish to set out legal agreements on any matters that could be covered by a pre-nuptial agreement or a marital separation/settlement agreement.


Prenuptial Agreements

Pre-Nuptial Agreements for couples who plan to marry and who wish to establish in advance the legal arrangements that will control any separation or divorce. Typically, pre-nupial agreements are used to reaffirm ownership of pre-marital property, define what will be and will not be marital property…